8 Ways To Start Your Personal Growth Journey In 2022

8 Ways To Start Your Personal Growth Journey In 2022

Being willing to challenge yourself in order to grow is extremely crucial for human beings. If we limit ourselves out of fear and choose comfort we might miss out on a number of opportunities which could change our lives for the best. Here are 8 ways which can help you start your personal growth journey this year.


  1. Knowing and identifying your objective of growth


When you embark on this journey after believing in yourself, the first step is to think, plan and analyze   the decisions you will be making to achieve your desired results. Knowing what direction you have to go towards is as crucial as deciding and embarking upon this journey. Once you have decided this and made your mind, the reasons will become much more clearer.


However, do bear in mind that from this point onwards there is no giving up and only striving harder to achieve personal growth.


  1. Understanding the reason behind the journey


After deciding your objectives and setting everything in stone, the time to challenge yourself and understand the reason behind the journey should begin. Knowing your why is important since this will keep you motivated and every time you might want to give up, this very reason will help you buckle back up.


Most of the time, the reason should be greater and larger than just materialistic needs or the requirement to impress any other human. To maintain the strive and keep yourself going, the reason for growth should be inspiring enough to keep you on track. 


  1. Knowing the hindrances which might occur


This step is all about picking out each and every hindrance which has kept your back or has stopped you from pressing growth before. This is also about identifying your fears which have let you down in the past. Understanding them better and being analytical towards them will help you fight those obstacles and let you plan your journey differently this time.


Along with that, this is also assisting you identify your biggest challenge during this journey. And there is only one way to overcome it, by letting it encourage you more than it scares you. Looking in the eye and defeating this very hurdle will be your win.


  1. Having the correct guidance


One should also know that it’s acceptable and okay to ask for help and guidance from someone who understands your journey, is willing your support you, has remarkable emotional intelligence and believes in you. This mentor will be your anchor each time you’re close to getting lost and being overwhelmed by all the objectives you have now set for yourself.


Your mentor can also provide you the inspiration no one else can since their achievements will become a fuel for you. Looking unto them and how far they have come will make you stronger and keep you going towards striving harder.


  1. Remaining aligned to the goals


Sticking to these objectives, plans and goals is not the only method to make sure that you have been committed to your journey. Many of us begin to drift away from the objectives when it becomes challenging but remaining aligned to those is crucial. Most of the time, it’s hard to remain committed due to the conflicts we have deep within ourselves. 


To establish our growth journey, we should first begin by solving every issue that has been holding us back. All the planning, analyzing and thoughts might not work in our favor if our mind is not aligned with the objectives we have been setting for ourselves.


  1. Manifesting and writing 


Manifestation is unarguably one of the best ways to achieve many things in life. Manifesting your achievements is a great way to actually be able to get to them at one point in life. Writing goes hands in hand with this concept since writing helps you set these goals in stone.


This can also help you track your progress and help you see how far you have made it. This will then result in higher motivation. This step helps you filter different noises of the world that have been residing in your mind for a long time. It gives you clarity and lets you track your momentum.


  1. Ensuring self accountability


It is a fact that by the end of the day, the person who has embarked on this journey and faces all the hurdles is you. Hence, it's very crucial to remain honest with yourself and hold yourself accountable if you have been slacking off. You have the most control over this journey and your personal progress which gives you immense power but also gives you the responsibility of remaining accountable. 


Accountability can also be carried out by someone you trust or your mentor. This will help you remain on track and make changes in your plan if it’s required.


  1. Rewarding and celebrating 


Rewards should always be a part of this daunting journey of self improvisation. It takes a lot to challenge yourself so be generous and reward yourself even on small achievements. Celebrate these wins and value yourself enough to not be too harsh on yourself as it might be counterproductive. 


Final Thoughts 

Starting a personal growth journey is never easy but the results from it are indeed fruitful. Once you get closer to each achievement step by step, you will thank yourself and everyone who supported you since it’ll change you for good and make you a person you aspire to be. Your productivity and how you work are also parts of your growth journey, which is why you should check out the ideal co-working space. Head over to Iconic Workspaces for and enhance your personal growth while working.