Moving to south Florida: Why is the Region Attracting so Many Professionals?

Moving to south Florida: Why is the Region Attracting so Many Professionals?

The pandemic has changed our lives in ways we could never have imagined; mandatory mask wearing, stay-at-home-orders and lockdowns were all policies implemented during its worst times. Although they were effective in combating the spread, they were quite burdensome.

In result, a lot of business suffered, especially small ones, and states with the harshest policies have seen a massive exodus of its inhabitants moving. While there are many places they can go, the majority choose one region of one state in particular, the south of Florida.    

People moving to south Florida is not a new thing, more people move to the state than leave, but as said before, that trend has accelerated due to the pandemic, with luxury housing prices in Miami up 42% and Palm Beach not that far behind.

However, why south Florida? What is so special about the place? In this article, we will explore some reasons as to what there is in south Florida that so many are deciding to abandon their old home states and restart their professional lives or their business there.

Sunshine Galore

Florida is one of the sunniest states in the U.S and it is easy to see why. The average winters range between 10s and 20s degrees Celsius, comparing that to the cold weather states, like New York, where most people moving to south Florida are from, it is easy to see why some move to warmer waters.

If you are ever planning on moving to south Florida, do not forget to wear sunscreen while you are out. The sun can get quite hot on some days, while rain is also very common during the months of May through October. Do not get rid of your umbrella completely when moving down.

More Outdoor opportunity 

Since south Florida’s climate is mostly pleasant throughout the year, residents can enjoy more outdoor activities than their counterparts who live in colder states up north. Things like parties, festivals, weddings, and parades can happen all year long without worrying about the winter.


Low Taxes and No Income Tax

While some people are attracted to south Florida by its pleasant weather, others, especially the business owners we talked about, are more interested in a low taxes approach to business. The state is one of just seven with no income tax, not to mention its sales and property taxes, which are also very low.

Comparing, again, to states like New York and California with high taxes all around, south Florida becomes a very desirable place to live. If you decide to start a new life in Miami or the less well-known cities like Aventura, your net financial situation will most likely improve.

An Attractive Housing Market

If you are moving to south Florida, one of the things one absolutely needs to consider is your new home. With a booming real estate market, south Florida homes can appeal to those who are looking for a more affordable lifestyle to the ones who are able to spend more money on a property.

Miami, one of the bigger cities in the region, has a surprisingly affordable housing market for its size, unlike other cities like San Francisco, one of the most expensive in the U.S.

Different and Delicious Food

When it comes to food, south Florida has the upper hand. The region has restaurants only available there, and with a wide variety that can range from small, family-owned businesses to high-end restaurants, all offering unique and delicious food.

In conclusion

Moving to south Florida is a dream for many professionals. The question is who would not want to live in it? Big cities like Miami or even small ones, like Aventura, have plenty of opportunities for people who decide to move to, not to mention its cozy weather and low taxes.

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