Alternatives to Working from Home or the Local Coffee Shop

Alternatives to Working from Home or the Local Coffee Shop

It is no secret that a good work atmosphere can bring many positive attributes. While many do not have the luck to choose their workplace, remote workers have the opportunity to pick a place where they feel comfortable, like their home, coworking spaces or local coffee shops.


While the two options are the go-to place for most of them, after a while it may start becoming quite repetitive or even boring, besides, why not try something new from time to time? If you are willing to do it, below are some alternatives to always working from coffee shops.


Working At a Park


Being among nature lifts up the mood of anyone, not only that, it is proven that even viewing scenes of nature reduces anger and stress while also enhancing creativity in your work, so it’s no surprise that a park can be a great alternative to coffee shops.


There are downsides however. While the pretty nature is refreshing, taking your responsibilities to a public park may be challenging, since the noise of other people around can easily disrupt your work , there also may not be any comfortable sitting positions to use your laptop as well as unreliable WiFi connection, thus needing to rely on your data network for logging into the internet.


Working At Your Local Library


What is a better place to work if you prefer a serene and noise free environment? The lack of distractions of a library makes it a great location to concentrate and get work done. While you´re there, you can also look up some books that you find interesting and helpful. It is a library after all.

If you like some background noises, however, the library may not be the best spot for you given its strict no-talking policies. Nevertheless, you can remedy that by bringing your headphones and putting on some favorite tunes while you work.


Working at Your Favorite Restaurant


If you are a foodie type of person or simply like to eat while working, a restaurant is a good alternative to coffee shops. When there, the main benefit is the wide variety of food you would not normally have access in other areas, which can make your working hours quite enjoyable.

It is important to note that a restaurant is somewhat of an unusual place to work. Given that, be mindful of the policies of the establishment and make sure you are not taking up space during rush hour or staying for too long, otherwise the staff might ask you to leave, creating an awkward and uncomfortable situation.


Working at The Nearest Hotel Lobby


Practically all hotels offer an area where guests and non-guest can do their work. Hotel lobbies can be interesting to try as an alternative to coffee shops, and if you are feeling hungry, most lobbies have vending machines to buy snacks or drinks, and albeit not as sophisticated as a restaurant, it will do the trick for a few hours of work.

If you ever do try to work at a lobby, however, you will find that not only it might be an uncomfortable space, there is also a time limit for non-guests of the hotel, and like the restaurant, the staff will ask you to pack your things if you are staying for too long. In addition, the price can add up for longer periods of time.


Working at A Flexible Coworking Space


There are times where a coffee shop can be lacking in some things you need to work properly, maybe the space is full and a free seat is not available. To resolve this, many people choose to pay a little extra for access to flexible coworking space.

Co-work spaces are hands down the most popular alternative to coffee shops since they come equipped with amenities most cafés do not have, like printers and meeting rooms. Not to mention your own personal desk. They normally also provide unlimited coffee, other drinks and possibly snacks. Many will also have really cool amenities for different moods and occasions such as meditation booths.

The biggest downside, however, may be finding one in an ideal location. Finding a convenient spot near by where you’re staying can be challenging if you’re not living or travelling close to a co-working space, where there’s more options for the other spaces to work.

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