Coworking for Business Travelers: Top Trends in 2021

Coworking for Business Travelers: Top Trends in 2021

Reconciling business travel with the functions of an office isn’t easy. You need a professional infrastructure and a favorable environment to work with higher quality and better health. The prediction is that in 2021, business trips will gradually start to return.

According to GBTA (Global Business Travel Association), it’s estimated that more than half (54%) of respondents expect employees to start returning to the office in August 2021.

Still with an uncertain future, but with hope, the trend of business travel is that it starts to increase which means an additional revenue for coworking spaces to host business travelers.

Coworking is an excellent alternative for business travelers who need an office while away from their main office.

In this article, we go over the advantages and trends of using a coworking space for your next business trip.


For the business traveler who needs to stay a few days, the flexibility of looking for a space with comfort with an ergonomic chair, reliable internet/Wi-Fi (without fail), being able to rent a space or a single table with a private telephone line and a more affordable price, is a great reason for looking for a coworking. Some places offer hourly, daily and weekly rates to work around your travel schedule. 


No bureaucracy and faster approval to getting set up. As many companies understand that employees need to travel for work and having a secure reliable place to work, having the approval for expensing the cost of the space during your travel has become easier for employers.

In addition, it’s super easy to get setup with a comfortable space that is equal or better then your office at home, allowing you to be as efficient and productive in your output, without missing a beat.


Generally the business traveler needs a strategic location both for their meetings and in the city centers near the airport.

Iconic Workspaces has two offices in ideal locations through the state. In Florida, they have quick access to the beaches, airports and ports of Miami and Fort Lauderdale as well as to downtown Miami that includes the Central Business District (CBD) and Brickell.

Professional Infrastructure

The practicality and convenience offered by these workspaces is also a differentiation factor.

Operational services are customized according to the needs of the traveller who can be provided to access the support team, mail correspondence, telephone line, voicemail, receptionist service and your agenda management, all included with many coworking spaces for business travelers.

All of this contributes to making your business trip more effective and meeting your travel goals.

If you’re travelling to Miami for your next business trip, be sure to visit Iconic Workspaces and see how we can make your work trip even better!