6 Tips on How to Eat Healthy Meals at the Office That You Can Order

6 Tips on How to Eat Healthy Meals at the Office That You Can Order

With the stress of the day to day, changes and several meetings in-between, eating healthy meals in the office can be very difficult and becomes even easier to be seduced by fast food. The goal is to minimize these bad choices in order to perform better at your work.

When ordering meals in restaurants you need to think about both the food safety and quality.The ideal situation is to know well in advance what they have on the menu and have clear directions to the restaurants. Look for more artisanal preparation options, pay attention to the sauces used, added sugars, and when looking at the form of preparation, giving preference to grilled, baked and cooked meals.

To take care of your health while working at the office, here are 6 simple tips to make healthier choices. 


1. Make weekly planning of what you will eat in the workplace 

Make a plan and put it into practice. Search for some easy and healthy recipes and take the time to prepare them or order at selected restaurants. 


2. Hydration is essential to control your appetite

Always keep fresh water on your table. 


3. Don’t eat fast food 

Learn to reject this option except on specific


4. Healthy snacks at breaks

Reject pre-made or industrial snacks, see healthier alternatives you can order. A yogurt or a piece of fruit. And don't go too long without eating.


5. Don’t eat in a hurry at the work table

Separate the meal from the work environment. Chew your food well, change your environment.


Iconic Workspace has space dedicated to provide these intervals.


6. Don't miss breakfast (Bring Your Own Breakfast)

Reduce stress and recharge your energy in the morning, drink milk and tea, eat citrus fruits, avocado, dark chocolate and oats.


While it is difficult to be consistent in a good diet at work, it is important that you improve your eating habits and enter a healthy routine. 

Getting up 10 minutes helps you to eat more calmly and choose the right foods to have the courage to endure your day.